Student clubs and societies

Student associations


At Burgundy School of Business, we think that living and working together as a community is a springboard to personal and professional fulfillment.

Student associations are the perfect setting in which to apply the ideas and approaches developed at BSB. It is an opportunity to launch a project or idea and steer it through to completion. Finally, it allows students to show and develop qualities such as motivation, open-mindedness, independence and maturity.



 The school shows its support for the various associations in many ways:

  • Students enjoy the facilities of a Student Centre (Maison des Associations). The Centre is currently home to over 30 clubs and societies brought together under a single federation (Fédération des Associations).
  • The school also provides regular backing to the associations in the form of subsidies granted by the Dijon Chamber of Commerce and Industry  and expert advice from specialists.

Induction week 

International students are encouraged to participate in the wide range of activities proposed by the various student associations - it's a great way to meet people, learn new skills and really get involved for a cause. 

International students will be welcomed by the association Melting Potes  which was created to help students arriving from abroad settle into life in Dijon and the school. Melting Potes organises various activities during the induction week for international students .