An overview of student clubs and societies


The student’s campus at the Burgundy School of Business could become « a green campus ». That’s why the association Echo Systeme promotes sustainable development, recycling, and other eco-friendly acts. Our mission is to raise awareness about environmental issues. We all can be responsible managers!

4L Trophée




The purpose of Afric '4L association is to participate in the Raid 4L Trophy. This is primarily an act of solidarity and generosity towards the local population but also among participants in the event of difficulties.
These "fighters" will make a journey of over 6000 kilometers of which 700 are desert tracks in The Deep South of Morocco. The aim of each crew is to collect more than 50 kilograms of school supplies to be distributed to schools in rural areas in the desert with the help of UNICEF.

Are you coming with us??





MADNESCMadnesc is the extreme sports association of the Burgundy School of Business. We organise many events such as the annual week of skiing. For the third time, Madnesc is the winner of Altigliss competition, a student skiing challenge. It’s in a convivial and festive atmosphere that the Madnesc team will organise unforgettable parties, sports activities and events in which you will be able to participate.

We are waiting for you to share unbelievable moments with us!








4 Students
5247 km covered
65 days in a Togolese village
1 credit agent
2000€ distributed
22 loans granted
When we arrived the most important thing was to blend into the culture in order to understand their way of living. In that way, we had the opportunity to meet all the volunteers of FAGAD and to spend 2 days in the village families. The differences sustained our desire to learn more about Togo. The population is very welcoming and we had the chance to discuss without any taboo. Despite the differences in the standard of living, the change of scene is not total.

After a 6 hour-flight and 2 days in the capital of Togo under a sweltering heat, the 4 members of alTERR’Egaux arrived in the village of Adeta, 150km from Lomé in the premises of FAGAD (a Togolese association). With the help and the support of the Dean of Burgundy School of Business, Dr Stephan Bourcieu, the Chair of Micro-Finance and the Rotary club of Burgundy, we had the chance to set up this project of support to the micro-enterprise. The aim was to structure and energize the Gawu Program (name of the microcredit branch of FAGAD).



The two following months will be devoted to the settlement of the GAWU Program. At the end of June we hired Jacqueline who will become the manager of this program and the link between the association and FAGAD when all the members of the team are in France. In the end more than 30 applications will be submitted and studied but only 22 loans granted (18 women and 4 men). The entrepreneur must be capable of creating his/her own capital and not to put all the money in the reimbursement.

The strongest point of our project is the individual and collective training. Every Friday the association held a training module on the basics of accounting. We were supported by Martyn Trotman, a chartered accountant and Benjamin who translated the lecture! After two months in immersion we still appeared to be poor students in Ewe, the local language.
From now on the association has to assure the sustainability of the project: the Gawu program has to be independent in 3 years. Another loan session is foreseen in November, then in March. We are deeply convinced of the exceptional character of our project and of all its future prospects.


You are interested in becoming a trader? An analyst? Or do you wish to know more about the stock market world? Escourtage, a brand new association focused on the stock market world open its gates. If you are interested in finance or if you want to prepare yourself for the management of a private portfolio over the next few years, this association is what you need!

This association is based on the model of real holding companies in order to encourage team work : an allocation front office (traders) and middle office (analysts). Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are invited to join us. The desk of the association is the trading floor.

Activities: management of a virtual portfolio, investment competition between members, visiting of a real trading floor in Paris, and others depending on the success of the association...



Radioactive is the association in charge of the school's radio. Radio shows are made by the students for students and are broadcasted in the "Association's house" and in the cafeteria. There are several kinds of shows like the discovery of world music, urban music, and news broadcasts. Our equipment is easy to use and complete. So if you're interested in radio, don't hesitate to come see us.



ESC’TEAM, the official sports office, is an association whose main mission is to offer more than 15 sports activities to Burgundy School of Business students. You can choose between solo or team sports such as soccer, rugby, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, swimming, golf, horseback riding, rowing, dancing, fitness, boxing, or cheerleading.

Our mission is to combine the life in the school with sport.



Escarrera is an association which mixes sport and culture. The aim is to share our passion for cars. On the one hand we propose kart racing with a discount for students, and on the other hand the diffusion of car culture through the organisation of trips to car shows such as the “Salon de Genève”. But Escarrera is not only going to Geneva to  the international car show, it is also a friendly karting party for everyone!


"La Chouette" is the association for people who like Dijon. Our team produces a free guide of Dijon each year. We work every day with storekeepers and community members to find the best addresses and activities for all the students and inhabitants of Dijon. Clothing, restaurants, leisure, culture, it is all here…thanks to the three groups: editing, communication and financing.
La CHOUETTE, that's:
  • A really motivated team
  • A 144 page guide in 15000 copies
  • Many activities like a treasure hunt, evenings in new bars, and so on…
  • Last but not least, the association La Chouette organises a big event with concerts and shows on the occasion of the release of the new edition.
We’re waiting for you!!!



Cinesc is the school association completely devoted to the 7th art. It honors the cinema by organising regular events within the school's premises. From the classics to the must see movies, the association promotes its own vision of the cinema. CINESC works with other school associations to offer wonderful evenings mixing education and fun. Furthermore CINESC has several partnerships with theaters in Dijon and can therefore offer to students negotiated prices for previews. CINESC keeps partnership relationships going with the important cinemas in town and therefore can offer negotiated prices and previews.