Graduation ceremony

"I graduated from Burgundy School of Business in 1969, and I can testify that without the education and skills I was given there during the late sixties - a wonderful time - I would never have opened the door to L'Oréal in Sweden, where I now am Managing Director for both Sweden and Norway for the Luxury Products Division.

I joined L'Oréal over 30 years ago and a degree from Burgundy School of Business definitely helped. It just goes to show that Burgundy School of Business can lead to truly international careers!"

Jean Claude CELLE (Class of 1969)
Managing Director for Sweden and Norway
Luxury Products Division
L'OREAL - Sweden and Norway


Graduation ceremony"Increasing the desire to meet with new and different people, developing a taste for changing and challenging environments, as well as consolidating my self-confidence, are some of the benefits Burgundy School of Business has developed within me. Such assets, with a good dose of luck of course, are key to my personal and professional development in an international context.

Thanks to an open, balanced, dynamic and friendly environment, I have excellent memories of my time in Burgundy School of Business.

Burgundy, is a beautiful, ideally located and internationally recognized cultural and economic centre : a perfect starting point for any international career."

Antoine BON (Class of 1991)
Vice Managing Director
Laboratoires Urgo
Chenôve – France


 Graduation ceremony

"Burgundy School of Business has definitely been a watershed for my career abroad. I actually chose to study in Dijon because of its international program. It helped me build up the strong foundations I needed in order to tackle the international world of business, especially through the MBA exchange program with Texas A&M University. The experience I gained at Burgundy School of Business opened up many opportunities for me, including being an expatriate and Vice President with Goldman Sachs and Co."

Guillaume de LAMAZIERE (Class of 1993)
Global Head of Accounting Policies
AIF Financial Services
New York – USA


"I have been enjoying living in Hong Kong for more than six years and am proud to represent Burgundy School of Business so far away from my home country. My decision to study at Burgundy School of Business was definitely the right one! My extremely enriching experience working in management for SEB in Continental Asia could never have become true without the entrepreneurial spirit I got from our Business School. This attitude genuinely made me go beyond myself, teaching me how to be proactive. I am very grateful to Burgundy School of Business, its faculty and all my fellows for having participated in my success!"

Benoît TAILLIER (Class of 1992)
Administrative and Financial Manager - SEB ITALIA
Milan - Italy


Graduation ceremony"Burgundy School of Business' multi-cultural approach, its international degree course with a strong emphasis on foreign languages, gave me the knowledge and the tools to compete and get a job in the UK market. I was able to move to the UK right after my Graduation and within a couple of months, I joined a top tier American Investment Bank. My international education was and still is a big plus in progressing with my career outside France."

Olivier STAUB (Class of 1993)
London – UK


 Graduation ceremony
"I decided to study at Burgundy School of Business because of its noted expertise in Business and Management, but also because of its International Dimension. The Master of Science in European Business Administration program allowed me to meet international students and to evolve in a multicultural environment. The experience I gained at Burgundy School of Business taught to be flexible, open minded and mobile, and my degree gave me the grounding to continue my studies as an MBA student in Australia with a focus on the Asian-Pacific market."

Coralie Haller (Class of 2003)
MBA Student – Australia

 "Going abroad was essential for me and getting a Dual Degree with Burgundy School of Business was even better. Beyond having benefited from a real international experience at Karlstad University in Sweden, I also enlarged my contacts with numerous friends from countries like Estonia, Germany and Netherlands. Since then I've been living and working in Sweden, where I've built on my international experience at the Jönköping International Business School, one of Burgundy School of Business' partners. The international aspect of Burgundy School of Business is therefore a reality for me."

Jean-Charles Languilaire, M.Sc. (Class of 2002)
Ph.D. Student in Business Administration
Jönköping International Business School - Sweden