The Chair of Evaluation of the Medical Claims of Health Foods

Prof. François Allaert


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The agreement that led to the creation of the EMMAS (The Evaluation of the Medical Claims of Health Foods) Chair involving the first founding companies was signed for three years in February 2008 with CENBIOTECH. Prof. François Allaert (HDR) (picture) is the holder of this Chair. Several companies have since joined the Chair. The agreement specifies the objectives of the Chair: to carry out research in collaboration with companies and institutions that are interested in the development and evaluation of new health-related products, evaluate new health-related behaviour of patients/consumers.

The work will focus on four main axes:

  • The design of specific methodologies to assess the health claims of foods, dietary supplements and food supplements; the verification of claims has become compulsory under European legislation
  • The development of pharmaco-epidemiological studies and the post-registration of medicines and medical devices that have obtained market approval, to determine the real medical benefit in everyday clinical and pharmaceutical practice
  • Socio-demographic and hedonic factors in food choices made by consumers.
  • The changing behaviour of the patient/consumer in the face of modifications in access to medical products and services: generic medicines, products that are no longer reimbursed, non-reimbursed medical fees and the evolution in medical demographics.