Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of the CEREN Research Center

With a teaching staff consisting of University Doctors and PhD students (80%), teachers from 8 countries and 250 professional contributors, Burgundy School of Business boasts a team of experienced pedagogical advisers, teachers, research workers, consultants, business leaders and management experts. 

The teaching staff contributes to academic research by publishing works, submitting articles to professional and academic reviews as well as submitting to the research journals of the
CEREN (Burgundy School of Business Corporate Research Centre).

Faculty members organise and take part in scientific symposiums, belong to research and study institutions of international repute, participate actively in scientific committees and act as consultants for numerous companies.

Visiting professors from all parts of the world throw fresh intellectual light on issues involving entrepreneurial and innovative skills - the cornerstone of the school's development and international reputation. With teachers drawn from national and international business, the school is able to provide up-to-the-minute programmes ensuring that its graduates are immediately effective and operational in their business environment.

All faculty members play their full part in securing the efficiency, reputation and all-round excellence of a school whose diversity, multicultural approach and bold, outward-looking spirit is recognised throughout the world.