Learning through Community Work

Burgundy School of Business has taken on the mission to train entrepreneurs to be responsible and instilled with ethical values. The quality of a manager cannot be only defined in terms of "knowledge" or "know-how", but, today, needs to include a component we call "social know-how."
To ensure that this pedagogical commitment has concrete applications, in September 2005, Burgundy School of Business set up a module entitled "Pédagogie par l'action citoyenne" (Learning through Community Work). The principle of this project is to provide support to actions of solidarity in society at large, and to go beyond the usual humanitarian actions of Management School associations, which are mainly directed to developing countries. This is achieved by making students aware of the realities of the society in which they live.
This is a compulsory module of 48 hours incorporated in the programme of first and second-year students.
Students must devote two hours a week to civil society through concrete social actions.

In the field of handicaps, students become involved in:

  • the only day-care centre in France for disabled children;
  • the accompaniment of mentally deficient adults in their leisure activities and by devoting time to the permanent care centre for these adults;
  • providing accompaniment to associations for the blind…

In the field of homework support for children in difficulty:

  • accompaniment of primary-school and preschool children from traveling communities;
  • accompaniment of special-needs classes in two secondary schools;
  • accompaniment of 6th form pupils in boarding school, accompaniment of pupils in rural areas via internet;
  • accompaniment of pupils experiencing difficulty in technology preparatory classes.

In the field of intergenerational sharing:

  • visiting elderly people and providing daytime accompaniment;
  • taking part in daytime, evening and weekend activities in homes for elderly people…, initiation in computer use for associations for retired people.

in the business world

  • help with the design and signature of diversity charters.
More than 500 students are involved, that is to say more than 20,000 hours all together devoted to solidarity and society at large.This unique training programme in active citizenship is recognized by the HALDE (The French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission)