A network of experts

50 experts in the different fields of wine management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Market intelligence
  • Legislation
  • International trade
  • Company creation

The Jules Guyot Institute UIVV: partners in training

Created at the request of the French government in 1992, the Institut Universitaire de la Vigne et du Vin « Jules Guyot » (IUVV)  is a component of the University of Burgundy and contributes to progress in and the transmission of knowledge of grapevines and wine. The Institute has three major missions: higher education, research and technology transfer.

The UNESCO Chair in Wine Culture and Traditions

Representatives from Burgundy School of Business sit on the steering committee of the UNESCO Chair in Wine Culture and Traditions Created in 2006, this UNESCO Chair is the only chair on the theme of wine. The Chair comprises an international network of partners, and the aim is to promote the understanding of wine as a cultural product. Its principal actions include the development of multidisciplinary research into wine and the grapevine, the organization and support of international symposiums, the encouragement of mobility for students and teacher/researchers, and the development of training programmes.