Burgundy School of Business incubator

-       Burgundy School of Business incubator welcomes all students of the School who have company creation or takeover projects. A wine unit has been created within this incubator.
-       Future entrepreneurs are accompanied by affiliated professors (professionals with teaching responsibilities) and a network of experts associated with the Master’s degree course. These professionals can help with insertion into networks or validate the feasibility of the business model.
-       In 2007, for example, 4 students created their companies. These companies are still in activity today.

Accompaniment in the creation or takeover of a company

  •  Project for commercial agent
    • Creation of a training course for and accompaniment in the creation or takeover of commercial agencies

  •  Standardisation in wine management:
    • Establishment of principles for certification for jobs in wine management (in progress)
    • At every level of qualification
    • For France and abroad