Short-term customised programmes

Here is a short description of a few customised programmes held at Burgundy School of Business

"The Global Consulting Programme"

College of Business, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio (USA)
French students from Burgundy School of Business (ESC Programme) are teamed with American Ohio College of Business students to do business consulting for firms in Dijon. The concept for the programme originated with Ohio MBA programme was first applied to the undergraduate programme in Dijon in 2001. Since then, more than 350 Ohio College of Business and ESC undergraduate students have taken advantage of this unique opportunity.

"France Study Toure"

Curtin Business School, Curtin University, Perth (Australie)
Burgundy School of Business welcomed both in Dijon and Paris a group of 22 Global MBA students from Curtin University Business School for 10 days in February 2015. The students’ visit to France formed part of their coursework on global practices and markets, adding an element of cultural immersion.

"Summer in France"

Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma (USA)
Oklahoma State University College of Business Administration provides a number of short-term programs for OSU students and those from other institutions. Courses within these programs are designed specifically for the setting within which the study abroad activity is to take place. The programme in Dijon includes in-country stay of 3-4 weeks. All courses are taught by Spears School of Business faculty and directly apply to the OSU degree programmes. It includes field trips and company visits organised by Burgundy School of Business.

"International Marketing Communications Study Experience"

Department of Communication, College of Arts and Sciences, Roosevelt University (USA)
Roosevelt University, together with Burgundy School of Business, have designed a ten-day program in which students spend 3 days in Dijon, and a further 7 in Paris. Throughout the course, students will benefit from expert lectures, cultural excursions, and on-site visits ranging from advertising agencies and retail establishments to vineyards and wineries. The broad aim of the course is to give students an insight into how marketing and communications operates in France today, whilst giving them an opportunity to be immersed its rich culture.
Roosevelt University Flyer (pdf)