Burgundy School of Business does not own or manage student accommodation but the International Office can help you look for the best options. First, please take a look at the different kinds of accommodation we usually offer our students.

All students are then requested to fill out the online accommodation form.

The International Relations Office will then contact those of you requesting help.

Important information : insurances
• Liabilty Insurance : In France it is a legal requirement to have liability insurance; this is called ‘Assurance Responsabilité Civile’. You can take out a policy with your French bank or any insurance company upon arrival.

• Accommodation Insurance : We recommend that you also take out accommodation insurance. In French this is called ‘Assurance Habitation’ that you can buy with your bank upon arrival in Dijon.


Different accommodation possibilities


Should you wish to start looking for a flat on your own, and have an idea of the legal framework of accommodation renting in France, we can advise you to have a look at the following website :