Health insurance

In France it is compulsory for all students to have health insurance cover.

European students:

→  You will need to ask for a European Health card and bring it with you to France. You will then be exempt from registering with the French Health Insurance.

Non European students up to 28 :
Under the French National Health System (Sécurité Sociale), you are required to pay for visits to the doctor and the subsequent medicines prescribed which are then refunded later on. 

→ You are still required to apply for French health Insurance either at the LMDE or the SMEREB (student health insurance company). It costs around EUR 200 to register. Once registered, you will receive a social security number that you should have with you for medical appointments or treatment. The application form will be provided on your arrival by the International office of Burgundy School of Business.

Non European students over 28:
→  You are not entitled to student health insurance. You have to be covered by your international health insurance or private insurance for the 3 first months in France. After 3 months of residence in France you are allowed to subscribe to the CMU (universal health coverage).The amount to pay will depend on your income. Information will be provided on your arrival.

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