Housing support

CAF / Housing Benefit (APL)

The 'Caisse d'allocation familiale' (CAF) offers financial support (called in French ALS) to students in the form of monthly housing benefits which lower rental costs.

All international students (European or not) can apply for housing benefit, as long as they have opened a French bank account.

As it is a very long process usually full-year students get the housing benefits, but one-semester students may have to return to their home country before receiving the payment.

Online application : www.caf.fr / section "étudiants'" / "faire une demande"

We will give you all the information during the orientation week. We will help you to prepare your application. You will have to send your documents to CAF and you will be informed if you are entitled or not to receive the housing benefit. (CAF will let you know after several weeks)

Necessary documents:

  • Copy of your health insurance;
  • Copy of your original Birth certificate + the copy of the Birth certificate translated into French;
  • Copy of your passport for Non-European students or copy of your ID for European students ;

Other documents from French institutions will be required, but you can only get them once in Dijon

For more information in foreign languages you can visit this page