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Portrait of Bachelor students – Lyon Campus

 Chloé Ruard and Arnaud Grisard

Chloé Ruard, 19 years old, 1st year student

Chloé Ruard

Why did you opt for the Bachelor Marketing & Business from Burgundy School of Business?

After I obtained my Science A-level with a Life Sciences option, I studied architecture for a year.

It was really interesting but I felt I needed a more polyvalent degree, especially since I want to create a multimedia company or to work in a big entertainment firm. My view of business is that of doors opening, so I was naturally drawn to business schools.

I went to several fairs, did a lot of internet research and met communications and marketing professionals. When I discovered the Bachelor degree and I said, "why not?" The fact that it's taught all in English was the deciding factor. I had the choice between the business schools in Grenoble and Dijon and I chose Dijon because I felt the atmosphere was more convivial and energetic. As I live in Lyon, being able to study close to home was also a good option for me.


After several months in this degree programme, what lessons have you observed from this experience?

Honestly, I wasn't surprised; it has been great! We are the first class in Lyon so our group is very close knit. Being a small group means more interaction with the lecturers and we can go at our own pace in a very friendly atmosphere. I also really like the fact that our timetables are flexible.

Having all of the classes in English is absolutely great! When I started, I had a normal level but I quickly realised that it's not that hard to study in English; it's great practice. In any case, you have to speak English in today's world so it's perfect!

The subjects are very interesting. I discovered marketing and communications which I particularly like and I really like being able to study a third foreign language. I've chosen Japanese.

I've also decided to start a chapter of the Dijon Junior Enterprise, here in Lyon. It seemed essential to be able to offer its services in the region. Dijon's Junior Enterprise (Dijon Études Conseils) has made its mark over the years and opening a chapter in Lyon will allow it to expand its activities. This has also been a great club and society experience for me.


How do you see your future after your degree?

I have a big passion in life: video games. So, I after my studies I'd love to create my own company in this field. I want to manage a project and take care of the development, marketing, sales and events aspects. Right after my degree, I hope to do a Master in a foreign country, but if I have the opportunity in the video games sector, I won't hesitate!


Arnaud Grisard, 20 years old, 1st year student

Arnaud Grisard


Why did you choose for the Bachelor Marketing & Business from Burgundy School of Business?

After a rather traditional secondary school education experience, with an Economics A level, I continued on with the Bachelor. I've always wanted to do business so I had the choice between a 2 year technical degree, a 2 year university degree or a 2 year preparatory course for business school entrance exams. In terms of the latter, I didn't feel that this was the best option for me. I apprehended the learning environment and the idea of having to study subjects I wasn't really interested in.

Choosing the Bachelor Marketing & Business from Burgundy School of Business was actually a logical choice. I took the Atout+3 competitive entrance exam and at first intended on going to Grenoble Graduate School of Business. In between time, I discovered Burgundy School of Business and the programme seemed in line with what I wanted. I was accepted at all of the schools I had applied to and in the end I chose Dijon because I was looking for a school that offered an international curriculum. Most of my previous studies had been in bilingual programmes, starting in nursery school. I went to the Chartreux middle school in Lyon which is very well known for its curriculum. I absolutely wanted to maintain and improve my level in English. Being from the city of Lyon means there are the practical and economic aspects as well.


After several months in this degree programme, what lessons have you observed from this experience?

Firstly, I had no problem with it being the first class on the Lyon campus because it's exactly the same programme offered in Dijon. This was an important guarantee of quality for me. In terms of the idea I had of business studies, I can say I'm very satisfied with the subjects and also the very concrete aspects of the degree. The programme has lived up to my expectations. I have a good level in English but think that it will continue to improve which is both a real pleasure and a huge advantage. However, you don't have to have the best level in English to do the Bachelor in English; everyone in the class of 2016 is doing well.


How do you see your future after your degree?

I haven't decided on a given job yet and I'll most likely continue on with a Master degree. After, if I can, I see myself living and working in an English speaking country. What I do know today, is that I'll work in business even if my idea of the future remains vast. I'm going to give myself time to discover. In the 3rd year of the Bachelor programme, I intend to leave for England. This experience in addition to the different work placements I'll do will help me to build my professional project.