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SESAMm, an innovative entrepreneurial project by a Burgundy Business School student

 The concept is to forecast financial variations through social networks


Pierre Rinaldi, a BBS student, and three other students of French engineering & business schools, are developing an extremely innovative project: SESAMm. This software allows to forecast financial variations through the analysis of the “Big Data”, more specifically the social networks. It is a good example of a collaborative entrepreneurial project for which it is only a matter of time before its arrival on the international scene.

A Big idea for “Big Data”

SESAMm is an innovative application resulting from the actual growth of interests concerning the “Big Data”. The software is able to analyze a great amount of data to automatically produce financial forecasts.

It is focusing at gathering data through the social networks – especially Twitter – as its primary source of informations. The people on those networks have the habit of talking more freely and expressing easier their opinions, allowing the forecasts through this method of analysis to be even more accurate and concrete.

Passion for finance, symbiosis of skills

SESAMm is an entrepreneurial business creation carried by two business schools students and two other students from an engineering school. This team combines profiles from complementary skills around their common interest for finance.

Pierre Rinaldi is the co-founder of this project and is in charge of the commercial & public relationship aspects. He explains: “With Alexandre Kordeuter, the other co-founder of our project, we were both actively working in the investments association within our Schools (Burgundy School of Business for Pierre and Grenoble School of Management for Alexandre). We were investing in the stock-market. But we wanted to find an alternative to the existing tools used by people to help them making investment decisions. The idea of using the “Big Data” and the social networks came out in January 2013 and the first steps of this project started at this very moment.”

Following the development of the concept, Sylvain Forté & Florian Aubry from the INSA Strasbourg (an architecture and engineering school) supported the project with their skills and began the software creation for the project. Not long after, a prototype was already out.

SESAMm to conquer the world

The legal framework is currently being worked on. It will allow the company to sign contracts with their first clients. Prize-winner in France of the SEMIA, “Petit Poucet” & Alsace Tech, the team is not done yet with entrepreneurial business creation competition. They still want to reinforce their network, without forgetting to spread the word about their project.

The next step will be the creation of the company. Following it, the software will be tested by potential clients before arriving to the final step, the commercialization. Investors from all around the world will surely be interested by them at this moment.