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International double degrees: 3 very successful students at the University of Nottingham

Three Burgundy School of Business students in the double degree programme at Nottingham have received distinguished awards.

Edwina Lambourdière received her MSc Marketing degree with distinction as well as an award for the best overall performance in the MSc Marketing degree programme. In addition, Laura Jacque and Anthéa Juin respectively obtained their MSc Marketing and MSc Entrepreneurship degrees with distinction. These success stories foretell the exciting international career possibilities for these graduates and confirm Burgundy School of Business' excellent reputation with its partner universities.

"This was one of the most enriching experiences in my academic life because I was immersed in another culture for an entire year," Edwina shares. "I learnt so many things both academically and personally. Another point to mention is that I broadened my professional network. I really recommend this experience to all students, especially those who are pursuing international careers." The young woman was notably recognised for her dissertation entitled, "The role and effect of service network actors on continuous service innovation: a case study in the business-to-business health sector".

Laura has just been employed as international accounts manager at Retail Map, a firm specialised in quantitative data analysis for the fashion industry. "I mainly deal with French clients and I'm responsible for negotiating, developing and carrying out consulting projects", she explains. "My double degree helped me get my job. It was very important that I was able to communicate effectively in English. Studying at the University of Nottingham has also been extremely beneficial as it is renown in the United Kingdom."


Anthéa is currently at VIE in Brussels. She is in charge of creating and developing a Franco-German engineering consulting firm for the Benelux subsidiary.