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Welcome to the Hakademy!

 Burgundy School of Business' impressive 2015 film

For the past two years, Burgundy School of Business (BSB) has shown its originality, creativity and audacity through the films it has produced for its selective national competitive exam. This year has proven to be another exceptional production with Hakademy, a film about rugby which highlights the School's motto: “Embrace your destiny”.

A film showing values
In roughly 1 minute and 15 seconds BSB's latest film is both gripping and extremely effective. It shows a young man on a rugby pitch, who is struggling to score a penalty goal. His mentor and friends show their support with a powerful haka, helping the young man successfully score.
The metaphor is perfect for current and future students studying at the School and beautifully translates BSB's motto of “Embrace your destiny”. Hakademy is a film that shows the School's values of ambition, team spirit and success.

All together with Hakademy !
This year's film was produced by the Dijon based agency CHapet Hill, producer of first 2 films for BSB last two years, and involved many BSB students who showed their strong commitment to making it better than ever. Hakademy received an exceptionally warm welcome to a very enthusiastic crowd of more than 300 students, professors, alumni and personnel on 21st April.
Hakademy will play an original and dynamic part throughout the competitive exam period at BSB and will impress the hundreds of applicants who will be interviewed starting in the month of May.

Successful web films: a BSB tradition
This is the third film produced with CHapet Hill: Golden Quest (2013, 140.000 views) and Archiduck (2014, 117.000 views), which recently ranked 5th and 7th on France's 20 top university and higher education school videos (Top 20 des clips de marques Universités et Écoles sur YouTube).

Their impact underscores the School's active network approach to bring added value to its name and to be in sync with its young public that is always more connected and always hungry for novelties.

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