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Burgundy School of Business embraces the Principles for Responsible Management Education

BSB is more than ever committed to CSR

Burgundy School of Business has recently endorsed the six principles of the international initiative, PRME: Principles for Responsible Management Education. Within the academic, these six principles are part of the ten principles of the United Nations Global Impact and Burgundy School of Business has presently joined the some twenty French management schools which are part of the initiative.

BSB is committed. It is pursuing its Corporate Social Responsibility approach, incorporating these principles at the heart of its teaching and strategy, and sharing the results of this commitment. Indeed, Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the School's fundamental values as its mission is to train current and future managers who act as responsible citizens both in their companies and in society.

This commitment is part of BSB's daily activities at several levels:

  • Courses and more specifically those in governance, business ethics, selected high flyers modules and Learning through Community Initiatives, etc.
  • Research and in particular through that of the Microfinance, Corporate Governance and Innovation and Responsible Management Chairs.
  • The equal opportunities and well-being policy: Academic scholarships (more than 30% at the School), Mission Handicap, Fondation ESC Dijon, Solidaresto (food distribution and support association for students in need), student psychological support, health and risk prevention, etc.
  • Student development: Building up Business Skills (BSB®), Personal Development Department, Career Centre, individual student mentoring, etc.
  • Student involvement to clubs and societies such as ESC'prit d'Aventure and Avenir Khmer
  • Adapting a sustainable approach within the framework of renovating and expanding the campus.

For more information about the PRME, please visit the official website.