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2016-2017 at Burgundy School of Business: excellence guaranteed

2,400 students, continued growing appeal, new legal status


Burgundy School of Business has had another great start to the new academic year by welcoming its students from France and across the globe, who have chosen one of the numerous degree programmes on offer.

2016 will be a year of excellence!

Higher and higher SIGEM positioning in the last 4 years. The SIGEM is the national centralised system that manages competitive entrance exam preparatory student choices for Grandes Écoles Schools of Management. Over the past 4 years, Burgundy School of Business has been the choice of more and more students, which shows its ever-growing appeal and its continued competitive edge with those before and after its 16th position.

One of the keys to BSB's excellent recruitment is the quality of its welcome of students in the competitive entrance exam process. Burgundy School of Business has received the Best Student Welcome award for the second time from Major-Prépa. In addition, BSB's  Business Calling  promotional film has broken the records of its previous films, with more than 200,000 Youtube to date!

Some 1,850 Master in Management and Bachelor students

This year, close to 180 students are joining the Bachelor programme, a quarter of whom are at the Lyon-Confluence campus. This means that over the next three years 550 students will be studying in the programme, which is debuting its wine tourism specialisation.

As regards Master in Management Grande Ecole Programme, more than 300 students (for the same number of places) from the Passerelle competitive entrance exam have joined BSB. 185 students (for 180 available places) from the national competitive entrance exam preparatory programme have been accepted, with an increase in the overall exam results. Moreover, 120 international students have been recruited, a half of whom (combined Bachelor and Master in Management) through the Pass-World competitive exam.

More than 500 international students and 66 different nationalities

Our international students were the first to arrive at BSB at the end of August. There are 220 new Master 1 transfer students and academic exchange students with 66 nationalities. Over the academic year, more than 500 international students will be studying on campus.

First EESC Supervisory Board

On 1st July, Burgundy School of Business changed its status to become a Consular Higher Education Institution E(tablissement) d’E(nseignement) S(upérieur) C(onsulaire).

After HEC Paris, BSB has become one of the first French business schools to adopt the new legal status which was created by the 20th December 2014 law. This new organisation's founding members include the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Côte d’Or and AGESC (Association de Gestion de l'ESC), and it will enhance BSB's autonomy as well as its strategic abilities. The first Supervisory Board meeting took place mid-September.