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The new campus is in the works!

The ideally centralised location BSB will soon be in a modern setting

The 2017 academic year at Burgundy School of Business will see the inauguration of its renovated and expanded facilities. Construction began in March with the biggest work starting in July.

Though rue Sambin's 1990s buildings are not old, they did need to be more functional to be able to welcome 3,000 students in the medium term, as well as to incorporate evolving pedagogical techniques. 
One of BSB's teaching principles is to offer a majority of its courses in classrooms, as opposed to lecture halls, and the new classrooms will help it maintain this effective learning environment. Evolving pedagogy also means new student work methods, which require more adapted learning spaces.
The School of Wine & Spirits Business to have its very own building
Burgundy School of Business' famous glass-ceiling hall is going to be transformed into a learning center, while reception will be moved to a place located along rue Sambin. BSB's commitment to green spaces will be stronger than ever by offering a roof garden and maintain its courtyard tree park. BSB is one of the only French business schools to have a city-center campus, which is very much appreciated by students, professors and staff alike.
A brand new building near the rue Ferdinand de Lesseps entrance will be built exclusively for the School of Wine & Spirits Business. The new building will meet the institute's specific needs regarding areas for tasting, learning about products and it will also have its own wine cellar and laboratory. It will be able to welcome up to 200 students a year.