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Excellence in Pedagogy : "The effort made by the school is very unique"

Francisco Guzmán, Associate Professor at the renowned University of North Texas (USA), has been teaching at BSB since the beginning of the "Excellence in Pedagogy" module. 

Few questions about BSB, his class and his week in Dijon…

This is the 4th time you come at BSB for our Excellence in Pedagogy module. Why are you so loyal to our Business School ?

Coming to BSB every year is an absolute delight. The school does a great job of hosting invited faculty and teaching a class with people from so many nationalities is always challenging and fun. The internationality of the classrooms leads to fascinating discussions in which both the students and I learn.

In a few words, what is your class "Marketing for Entrepreneurs" about?

The seminar is focused on introducing the basic concepts of marketing and entrepreneurship to the aspiring entrepreneur. Given its short one-week intensive format, it's a class that more than covering topics in depth, aspires to motivate the students' entrepreneurial spirit and provide some basic marketing strategies to start a business.

According to you, what makes BSB so special?  

I think that the effort made by the school to provide an opportunity for students to learn from faculty from all over the world is very unique. I can imagine that five one-week intensive seminars must be hard for the students, but in the long term the exposure to such varied and international expertise must be rewarding. I wish I've had this opportunity back when I was a student.

What would you say about Dijon and Burgundy?

I've learned a lot about Dijon and the Burgundy region over the past 4 years. The city is quietly charming, and the history, heritage, and pride of the region are fascinating. I would love to share this experience with my family and stay for a longer time to fully explore the region in the future. After four visits I feel I know the city really well and enjoy both discovering new things and going back to the places and restaurants I already love.