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Joint Research Conference between Burgundy School of Business and Oxford Brookes

May 26th, 2010

60 researchers from the Burgundy School of Business and from Oxford Brookes University Business School came together last May 26th in England for an intense and rewarding joint research conference. The main objective of this conference was to allow the two groups to come together and share their respective research as well as to work on future collaborative research projects. Since 2007, Burgundy School of Business has been working towards the school of tomorrow by developing a unique model of global alliance with Oxford Brookes University, 4,500 students and 150 international professors strong.

The Master of Ceremonies for the day was Professor Philippe Lane, Attaché for University Cooperation at the French Embassy in Great Britain, who is actively supporting this Franco-British project. The conference had four main topic themes that the researchers presented on. "Governance and Accountability" was particularly productive as several channels of collaboration were identified, "Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour", "Economy, Strategy and Entrepreneurship" and "Marketing" also produced new relationships and projects.

This very productive and rich conference kept its promise to bring together these two business schools in a positive manner. The following conference will be in Burgundy next year…but between now and then even more joint projects will be started!