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Microfinance: Marek Hudon awarded in Belgium

Award for organising the first European conference on microfinance research in Brussels

Marek Hudon, Professor affiliated with the Burgundy School of Business, received the 2010 Wernaers Prize from the FNRS (National Funds for Scientific Research). He received this award along with two colleagues, Marc Labie and Ariane Szafarz. All three of them are members of the center Emile Bernheim and co-directors of CERMi (European Center for Microfinance Research).

The three professors organized the first European conference on microfinance research from the 2nd to the 4th of June 2009 at the l'Université Libre in Brussels. They won their Fonds Wernaers award for Research and Diffusion of Knowledge, which gives homage to this particular scientific group, united in their research and practice in microfinance throughout the world.