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7th edition of the international exchange programme with La Trobe University (Australia)

12 students met with Burgundy business leaders from September 20th to October 8th 2010

For the seventh time since 2003, students from the MBA programme at La Trobe University came to Burgundy for two weeks, hosted by the Burgundy School of Business in the context of a Research Exchange Programme. It concerns MBA students at the BSB’s partner school in Australia who are currently writing their professional theses. The multicultural group (from Australia, but also Germany, China, India, Malaysia and Thailand) met with senior managers and CEO of various firms in order to interview them and conduct research projects in Dijon, comparing practices in France and Australia.

The pharmaceutical, wine, automobile and telecommunications industries, as well as supply chains and logistics, were among the research topics this year. Divided into several research groups, the students, in addition to their meetings with senior managers and CEOs, which took up most of their time, also took some classes at the BSB, visited companies and the Regional Council...thus taking some time to learn about the region.

The interest of such an initiative is threefold. It offers added value to the school's partner firms, thanks, in particular, to an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach that produces a professional and serious analysis. The students benefit from experience in the field, inside recognised firms. Finally, the Burgundy School of Business can reinforce its ties with the business community.