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Unique in France: a new Chair in Corporate Governance

Burgundy School of Business has signed a new partnership agreement with the Crédit Agricole de Champagne-Bourgogne

The financial crisis has served as a reminder that firms need a solid system of governance. Based on its experience in this area, the Burgundy School of Business has created a Chair of Research in Corporate Governance that includes dimensions in research, services for businesses and teaching.

The Crédit Agricole de Champagne-Bourgogne is the Chair’s first partner and will be the only one from the banking sector. The bank will sponsor the new organisation and offer opportunities for analyses in the field, an essential component for researchers. In return, the Crédit Agricole de Champagne-Bourgogne will benefit from research projects designed to respond to its concerns and also from greater visibility among the student population, the scientific community and businesses interested in governance issues.

The new Chair of Research in Corporate Governance at the Burgundy School of Business has several goals:

  • contributing to the scientific community through national and international research projects; its main fields of research will concern the role of actors in governance (corporate boards, senior managers, shareholders), networks (senior managers, administrators, auditors) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
  • creating and promoting synergies with other research centres and professional bodies by encouraging the development of joint research projects
  • helping companies deal with governance issues through customised research projects
  • enhancing governance courses at the school (a core course is devoted to governance in the 3rd year where all students contribute to the school’s research projects)

The team is made up of six research professors with combined experience in baking, accounting, auditing and academia. It is reinforced by four employees from the Crédit Agricole de Champagne-Bourgogne who can help with specific issues. This clever association of academic and professional spheres ensures the quality of the chair’s work. The Chair is held by Isabelle Allemand, who won the prestigious IFA Prize in 2009 (awarded by the Institut Français des Administrateurs) for the best research thesis in the field corporate governance.