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François Piat (BSB Grand Ecole Programme, class of 2008) decided to go for the triple crown!

“My triple degree, earned in France, Mexico and the United States, is a real advantage.”

François Piat, BSB Grand Ecole graduate in 2008, now works in the Netherlands for Peugeot. To succeed in his international career, he benefitted from an invaluable passport: a triple degree that he earned thanks to a partnership between the Burgundy School of Business and Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth.

This university partnership allows students from BSB to enrol in its Master in International Management and earn a double degree with its partner institution, the Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLA) in Mexico, the Maestria en Marketing Y Negocios Internacionales. François therefore earned both American and Mexican degrees in addition to his BSB diploma. What did he learn from this experience? Here is what he says:

“During my studies at BSB, I had the opportunity to go abroad and earn a double degree from TCU in the United States and UDLA in Mexico. This decision gave a real international dimension to my CV and allowed me to start my career in a foreign country.

First, it is important to highlight the academic quality of these two schools. In fact, the two universities are highly renowned in their respective countries and the quality of the courses is a real asset. In addition to the courses, students can do an internship in the United States during the two-year programme and TCU has ties with many large companies. From a purely practical perspective, the campus and facilities are exceptional.

This programme enabled me to develop my ability to adapt to different environments very quickly, which from a professional standpoint is a real advantage. The originality of the curriculum is also a plus and enabled me to have an open mind, which is very important for my employer. In my daily duties, this experience allows me to compare practices I observed first hand in the United States and Mexico and offer alternate solutions to traditional ways of doing business in France or Europe. I highly recommend this triple degree programme for students who are aiming for an international career and particularly those interested in working with the United States or Latin America.”

It is important to note that the Burgundy School of Business also offers 45 double degree programmes within the framework of its Grand Ecole Programme through 21 partner institutions in Australia, Canada, the United States, the UK and Sweden for MA, MSc or MBA degrees, in Germany and Austria for Masters degrees, as well as Spain, Chile and Mexico for Licenciatura and Maestria.