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First international seminar for Marketing & Business Bachelor students

15 students from Oxford Brookes joined BSB French students 8th-22nd January

Within the framework of the international seminar (3rd January -3rd February) first year students in the Bachelor of Marketing & Business have been in total Anglo-Saxon culture immersion. Throughout the seven weeks, they have been taking intensive English classes in culture, civilization, geopolitics and thematic analyses, entirely taught in English.

From 8th to 22nd January 15 students from Oxford Brookes joined BSB French students to take the above mentioned classes in addition to an intensive French course. In addition to the cultural and linguistic aspects, the interest is to give these first year English and French students the opportunity to mix and to create strong ties with their fellow classmates. This first Franco-English class will graduate in July 2013.

The Bachelor in Marketing & Business is the first programme designed within the framework if the global strategic alliance between Burgundy School of Business and Oxford Brookes University Business School. The two schools have been committed to finding innovative ways of working together which will lead to creating a unique European Business School model with 4,500 students and 150 international professors.