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ESC'prit d'Aventure: release of the Argentinian edition!

Pre-release screening 11th April 2011 at 7 PM at ESC Dijon

ESC'prit d'Aventure: release of the Argentinian edition!

Following "The Green-Team in Romania", the title of the first report from the ESC'prit d'Aventure association in 2009, the second film, baptized "Land of vines and adventures" is finally ready. It retraces the association's journey throughout Argentina, which focused on oenology and sustainable development. A pre-release screening took place in the Amphi Louis at ESC Dijon at 7 PM on Monday 11th April.

In May 2010, 11 adventurers travelled across the Mendoza region, which handles 70% of Argentinian wine production. They offered viewers the opportunity to discover their meetings and adventures which spanned across 3 weeks, in a video report lasting 33 minutes. The video allowed viewers to become so well-acquainted with Argentinean wine that they felt as though they themselves had taken part in the adventure. It was through countless meetings with the most influential personalities in Argentinina wine circles, and visiting as many bodegas as possible on a road trip at the foot of the Andes, that the team succeeded in completing this audacious project.

ESC'prit d'Aventure: release of the Argentinian edition!

The screening was also an opportunity to unveil the project and the ambitions of the 2011 team, already en route for round 3, which this year will involve studying eco-tourism in Brazil. The members of ESC'sprit d'Aventure 2011 are currently busy preparing their journey and searching for partners to help finance the ambitious project.

To refresh your memories: ESC'sprit d'Aventure is a student association at Groupe ESC Dijon, which was created in 2008 with the evocative slogan: "The spirit of Antoine De Maximy, the approach of Yann Arthus-Betrand and the madness of Into The Wild". Each year, a group of students compelled by a concept which combines journalism, adventure, sustainable development and broadcasting, head off for several weeks on a road trip, armed with rucksacks and video cameras. Their aim? To record interviews and images that would permit them to create a report on a topic which is inherent to the problems of sustainable development.


2 teasers of the new film are now available on the new ESC'sprit d'Aventure channel on

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