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k'ESC t'HANDI overturning prejudices !

The association hosts a week of activities and increased awareness of disabilities


From Monday 28th-Thursday 31st March, the society k'ESC t'HANDI invaded the school to encourage us all to see disabilities in a new light. The event lasted just one week, but the association's aim was to make a lasting impact.

These motivated students proposed a variety of events, information, enriching meetings and other surprises, intended to make both their classmates and the faculty and administrative staff aware of this reality which concerns us all.

There were several rounds of the French gameshow Questions pour un champion, presentations by ESAT Le Goeland (a company welcoming workers with disabilities) and the AFTC (the Association for families of the brain-damaged and those with cranial trauma in Burgundy) and a collection for the association Les Bouchons d'Amour for the purchase of equipment for disabled persons. One could also listen to speeches by Handi'chiens (an association whose aims are to educate and to provide free helper dogs to those with physical impairments), take part in sporting activities, watch break-dancing from Hourth, a one-legged teenager who became famous on a French TV talent show and even have the chance to meet Julien Casoli, paralympic champion of the 4 x 400M relay…the campus certainly was not lacking in excitement!

The main event of Wednesday was a round table on the theme of "evaluation of and prospects for the professional integration of the disabled 5 years after the promulgation of the Law of 11th February 2005", with disabilities project managers from Société Générale and Caisse d'épargne banks and the APRR (Society for the Paris-Rhin-Rhône motorways), in addition to a regional delegate from the AGEFIPH (association of the management of funds for professional integration of people with disabilities).

This noble initiative is dear to Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne, which is particularly engaged in global responsibility and diversity, and which created its Mission Handicap in September 2009. The primary objective of this mission is to respond to the recruitment needs of businesses, who, despite being willing, are today confronted by a shortage of talent. At the same time the mission aims to facilitate access to higher education for the disabled, and permit them to increase their employability. To help encourage this, it is fundamental that we lead and encourage numerous ways to reduce prejudices towards disabilities, such as the events organized by k'ESC t'HANDI.

You can find the photos from the event on our Facebook page