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Alliance with Oxford Brookes: entrepreneurial workshop in Nigeria

From 30th May to 3rd June 2011 2 students from each school worked with 16 Nigerian students.

Dr. Sola Adesola and Sabine Mueller

From 30th May to 3rd June 2011, Dr.Sola Adesola from Oxford Brookes University and Sabine Mueller from Burgundy School of Business (see photo) organised an entrepreneurial workshop at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, Nigeria. The workshop, which combined training and research, was one of the first programmes of this scale within the framework of the global strategic alliance between Burgundy School of Business and Oxford Brookes University Business School.


16 Nigerian students and different professors from the country’s main universities were selected to take part in the 4 day programme. Oxford Brookes and Burgundy School of Business also selected 2 students from their respective institutions to participate. The selection criterion was strong entrepreneurial motivation and Lorna Bladen and Harry Gore Brown (OBU) as well as Robert Jarvis and Thomas De Bie (BSB) were chosen to take part in the formidable experience. During the workshop, one European student worked with 4 Nigerian students in order to develop business opportunities between both African and Nigerian markets and African and European markets. Their ideas were presented in front of a panel of experts at the end of the programme.


The main objective of the workshop was to introduce a socially and environmentally responsible approach to entrepreneurship and to contribute to teaching entrepreneurship in Higher Education in Nigeria. The Nigerian professors were there to observe the workshop and to participate in the assessment discussions in order to explore the possibilities of integrating such a programme in their traditional courses.


Furthermore, the workshop was part of a joint research project between Oxford Brookes University and Burgundy School of Business for which their joint fund allotted the sum of €6,000. The objective of the research is to study the extent to which the programme can foster a change in the way people see responsible entrepreneurship as well as their attitude towards it. A follow up study will take place in 2012 to assess the long-term effects on the participants.