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Plenty of Short-Term Programmes at BSB !

Burgundy School of Business welcomes approximately 150 international students in 2011 within the framework of its 7 Summer Programmes

OSU group visiting the Abbaye de Fontenay (June 2010)
OSU group visiting the Abbaye de Fontenay (June 2010)

For the past few years, Burgundy School of Business has been developing customised short-term programmes that meet the specific needs of our international partners. With summer approaching, it is the ideal moment to present the Summer Programmes and share the testimonials of some of the students. In 2011, 7 programmes take place with six universities from the United States and one from Australia.


The Short-Term Programmes were kicked-off by 12 Marketing Communications Master students from Roosevelt University in Chicago, who came from 5th March to 13th March. They spent 3 days in Dijon and 4 days in Paris to visit cultural sites, take Marketing classes and to visit companies.


From 11th May to 2nd June, 22 students from Oklahoma State University were in Dijon for the “Summer in France” programme. The programme: 3 weeks of Finance and Economy classes focused on the European Union taught by OSU College of Business Administration professors in addition to cultural excursions, company visits and culture classes organised by Burgundy School of Business.


From 16th May to 10th June, 36 undergraduate business students from Virginia Tech are taking the "Doing Business in Europe" course. Cultural excursions and company visits are organised and classes are taught by both Virginia Tech and BSB professors in Finance and Logistics. French language and French culture classes are also taught by BSB professors.


The beginning of June will be busy at BSB with 24 undergraduate students from Texas Christian University who will be on campus from 5th to 9th June. Their stay is part of a “3 weeks in Europe” programme: a week in Germany to study Management, a week in France to study Finance and a week in Spain to study Marketing. Burgundy School of Business gives all of the classes, organises the events in Finance and the cultural excursions, notably to Beaune.


From 4th July to 22nd July, 22 MBA students from California State University in Fresno will spend one week in Dijon and one week in Brussels. The programme is organised with classes in the morning and cultural or company visits in the afternoon.


The last of our American partners is Ohio University. 16 students will be in Dijon from 20th June to 1st July for the multi-cultural corporate consulting course entitled "The Global Competitiveness Programme". Students from Burgundy School of Business work with students from Ohio University College of Commerce on consulting missions for Dijon based companies. This programme; originally offered to Ohio students, has existed since 2001 and since 120 students from both institutions have been able to take advantage of this unique experience.


Finally, for the 8th time, a dozen students from La Trobe University (Victoria, Australia) will come to BSB in September for the "Business and Management in Europe" programme. The objective is to give students the opportunity to study the evolution in economic and business relations between the European Union and Australia by focusing on the actors of the European market. At the same time, students carry out research and meet with professionals who work in this field.

 OSU group visiting the Lejay-Lagoute company (May 2010)
OSU group visiting the Lejay-Lagoute company (May 2010)

Three students and professor from Virginia Tech as well as a student from Oklahoma State University shared their respective Short-Term Programme experiences at Burgundy School of Business this year.


What’s your opinion of the programme?

  • Stephanie Connell (student at Oklahoma State University): I think that the program is a wonderful opportunity for students. To be honest, I had a horrible first experience abroad and I have to say that this one has been ten times better! I think that a lot of students would like it.
  • Elmer Landaverde (student Virginia Tech): It’s awesome! I love the city and this new culture.
  • William Balberde (student at Virginia Tech): It’s great! I think the program is not only very well structured for students in terms of our succeeding in our studies, but it also gives us the remarkable experience of visiting a foreign country on our own.
  • Benjamin Steinheimer (student at Virginia Tech): I think it’s a great way to experience the world. I love it!
  • Lance Matheson (professor at Virginia Tech): I really enjoy coming to Dijon and working with Burgundy School of Business. Our programmes began in the 90’s. Dijon is a fantastic city for our students. It’s big enough to have everything they need, but it has a real small city feel to it.

How has your experience been?

  • SC : Everything is really good!
  • EL : Everything has been good so far.
  • WB : I’m enjoying my stay in Dijon and at the school so far.
  • BS : Everything is going well, even if I don’t speak a word of French…It can be a little hard sometimes (reading signs or for food). I wish I had learned French before coming here.
  • LM : The first week goes by very quickly. The students learn their way around the city, where to take the bus or find their favorite pastry shop or where to go shopping…

What will you remember most from this experience?

  • SC : New friends, a better understanding of French culture and unforgettable memories!
  • EL : The different culture and friends that you make within the program.
  • WB : I’ve learned different things about French, from the language to the culture as well as the great friends and the experiences I’ve had throughout the trip. I’m really excited to continue it.
  • BS : I’m going to be more open-minded in terms of the world and less American centered.
  • LM : Every year I really look forward to coming back to Dijon for the fabulous support from the International Relations team. Nathalie Cureau helps us a lot and makes my job very easy. I also like the French culture classes and spending time with the French teachers.
Roosevelt University group visiting Beaune (March 2011
Roosevelt University group visiting Beaune (March 2011)

To what extent do you think it will be beneficial to your studies/teaching?

  • SC : I’m learning a lot about European business.
  • EL : Nothing out of the ordinary, just what we lean in class.
  • WB : Burgundy School of Business has given me a different point of view on what classes are like here and is giving me a brand new experience outside of Virginia Tech.
  • BS : It makes me want to get my degree on time and I feel like it’s easier to learn here.
  • LM : I use the information about Dijon, France and Europe in the courses I teach. There are so many contrasts between European and American business and I can incorporate all of this into my class material.

What are your impressions of France, Dijon and of Burgundy?

  • SC : France is very beautiful. Dijon is a wonderful city to come to. People are nice. Burgundy is very pretty; it’s one of my favorite places.
  • EL : It’s a very beautiful city. I particularly like the old buildings in the city center.
  • WB : Everything is wonderful to see. So far the French have been very nice and I really like talking with the students here. I’m particularly excited about visiting Paris and the French Riviera.
  • BS : I find it ‘’classy’’. The region is very beautiful and it’s really nice to walk around. Everyone seems to think that by speaking French more loudly and more quickly that I will make myself better understood….
  • LM : I always have a good impression of France. I’ve travelled around the country extensively and I like everything. I love the landscapes in the countryside and life in the cities. I enjoy myself everywhere I go.