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Diversity and Training Schemes for the MSC IM and IBD

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Diversity and Training Schemes for the MSC IM and IBD

25 students make of the new classes in the MSc “International Management” (IM) and “International Business Development” (IBD). Both degree programmes have seen steadily increasing student numbers over the past three years.

The degrees, which are international by definition, were launched in 2008 and, this year, they are welcoming twenty nationalities from the four corners of the world. Cameroon, China, Cyprus, the United States, India, Iran, Mexico, Russia and Turkey are among the most represented. This diversity is clearly one of the degrees’ strong points. The programmes’ faculty members are also extremely international with two-thirds of the classes given by foreign professors (German, Belgian, American, and British), the majority of whom are full-time faculty members at Burgundy School of Business.

In addition to the quality academic content, strong emphasis is put on giving students the opportunity to put their skills to the test in concrete professional environments. In order to achieve this, training schemes are another strong point of both degree programmes. The CREW project, (“Cross Cultural Cooperation in a Real World”) allows students to work in small groups as consultants for projects which are given to them by companies. For the first time ever, CREW will be co-leading the teams this year with Burgundy School of Business’ strategic ally, Oxford Brookes University Business School and students from both institutions will be working together on common projects.

The “Professional Project Training” coaching module has been designed to prepare students to promote their educational background as well as their skills in order to find a work placement or a job in a multicultural environment. Weekly French classes are given to non French-speaking students with a week’s intensive course halfway through the programme.

Degree graduates are hired for various jobs in the field of international business. For example:

  • Ricardo Luiz Maria (Brazil, Class of 2009) is Offer Project Manager for Voith Hydro Ltda (Sao Paulo, Brazil), a joint-venture between Voith and Siemens.
  • Anthony Rossi (Canada, Class of 2009) is in charge of Business Development/Marketing for Wolf Theiss (Vienna, Austria), a well-known consulting firm which is set up in Central and Eastern Europe. 
  • Paulina Navarette (Mexico, Class of 2010) works for Nissan Europe (Paris) as director of Regional Management and West-African Operations.