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Indonesian students on campus for the first time

 Andini Alya from Binus University (Djakarta) gives her impressions


Andini Alya, a young woman of 19 years old, is a student at the Business Schoo of Binus University in Djakarta, Indonesia. She and another student, from IPMI Business School, who also lives in Djakarta, are the first two Indonesian students to come to Burgundy School of Business for an international semester. This is a sign of a great development of further teaching in Indonesia, and of Burgundy School of Business's ever-increasing international desirability. Interview with Andini.

"I joined the prestigious Binus University after a Bachelor in Business. It's a very selective school, in particular with regards to its international aspects: there are 600 international students. The course takes place over three years, or four if you decide to do a double degree. I arrived in Dijon in January for a six-month exchange, but I hope to stay for the whole year if possible. I like the city a lot, it's very pleasant to live here, not too busy. It's a big change after Djakarta! This is the first time I've been I've been to France, I've already been able to visit Paris and Lyon since my arrival here. It's a nice and beautiful country, everything seems well-ordered. The people are very friendly, a bit more individual than people in Indonesia.

I chose France and Dijon mainly because I'd like to learn French. I'm studying International Business, and I think that speaking French will be a real advantage for me in the future; because it will give me more chance of a good job. France also attracted me because of its culture, and I had heard a lot of good things about it. I could have gone to South Korea or the Czech Republic, but France really seemed to me to be the best option. I am also proud to be the first Indonesian student from my university to come to Burgundy School of Business. It's also funny when I meet people here, who are more used to associating with Chinese people than with Indonesians.

In the future, my ambition is to develop my own business in Indonesia. I think in the area of Wine Business, a project in import/export for example. It can seem surprising to want to develop this kind of business in a country with a Muslim majority, but in France people have a somewhat old-fashioned idea of Indonesian society. The people there are open, and drinking wine or saké is perfectly acceptable. It's only with strong alcohol that this poses problems. Besides, the middle class is developing enormously and there are great opportunities for the wine market. On the basis of this, Burgundy School of Business's specialisation in this area is a real plus!

Next year, Andini will spend a year in the Netherlands... Unless she can stay in France, which she has definitely fallen in love with