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Launching of a new international programme in Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation

The first edition of this short-term programme started in July in Dijon with eleven students from the University of Western Australia

photo du groupe d'étudiants de Western Australia venu assister à la première édition du programme court international inédit d'entrepreneuriat créatif et innovant

Burgundy School of Business put in place a new short-term international programme at the beginning of July, aimed at our international partners, with the theme of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. On the agenda, there are three phases of activity: discovering entrepreneurship by original practical activities, work with a local artist to learn the creative aspects, and meetings with experts and companies to develop the skills of the region. It is a formula for discovering entrepreneurship in a different way, which attracted eleven students from the University of Western Australia, who are spending two weeks in Burgundy for the first edition of this programme.

First in the programme: entrepreneurial activity with MIME (Method for Initiation into the Career of an Entrepreneur). With this innovative pedagogic method, the participants are put in a mock business situation for two and a half days. The business world is represented by different symbols, made up of cards and lego pieces. The participants are constantly confronted by the difficulties in making decisions in more and more complex systems.

Also, organising oneself, foresight, establishing basic management skills, coping alongside competitors, putting development strategies into action and organising time are all subjects and problems that created discussions between the participants and the coordinators; the latter check each student's progression through academic contributions.

Then the participants spend two days with an artist in order to concentrate on self-awareness and their potential. By this experience we are raising awareness to the entrepreneur as a person possessing their own personality. To do this, the work ends with creating a self-portrait. As well as this, the participants learn to look at other people while working on a portrait of another participant. Entrepreneurship combines knowing oneself with knowing others.

The product of this reflection is illustrated by producing work that is individual and original. In this context, entrepreneurship is an art produced by the entrepreneur acting with a view to creating something of value. Thanks to this experience, the programme promotes the entrepreneurial question in another form.

Discovering the innovative spirit of the entrepreneur is done by meeting an expert in innovation and visiting the companies of three Burgundy entrepreneurs involved in innovation. The expert puts his experience at the disposal of the participants in order to negotiate and exchange on the particularities of innovation in entrepreneurial activity. The three entrepreneurs illustrate, in their own ways, the place and the form of innovation in their daily lives.

During these two weeks, the participants have a notebook in which they record their discovery of entrepreneurship, seen from these different angles. It is up to them to analyse in what ways each experience that they had day to day, during these two weeks of discovery, has contributed to the development of their knowledge as well as to their changing perception of entrepreneurship.