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Entrepreneurship: students at FACE

A multi-cultural, two seminar programme in the Netherlands in August

Students involved in the FACE programme (August 2012)

From 19th August to 1st September, 7 Master Grande Ecole students were in the Netherlands. They were among the 33 students from 12 different nationalities who attended the FACE programme (Future for Authentic and Creative EuroPreneurs).

The training focused on multi-cultural entrepreneurship and more specifically on leadership and creativity. FACE was developed through a European Union financed competition which brings together students from five business schools, among which, Burgundy School of Business and our strategic ally, Oxford Brookes University.

The other schools included University of Southern Denmark, University of Hannover (Germany), LLC International University Kleipeda (Lithuania) and Hanze University Groningen (The Netherlands).

The intense first week took place in the Island of Terschelling in the North Sea. This was followed by two days in Amsterdam which gave students the opportunity to carry out market studies with potential clients. They continued on for a week in

Groningen, which was focused on leadership. Gasunie (number one Gas supplier in the Netherlands), received students for a whole day to work on a real field assignment. The company wanted an international, creative group of students to work on a concrete case.

On Friday 1st September, the students presented their company ideas to a jury of entrepreneurs at Hanze University (Groningen). There was one representative from Burgundy School of Business in each of the winning teams. The students were delighted with their experience. In fact, some of them were in the midst of creating and Internet website on workshop organisation to be used for future participants.

In 2013, the FACE session will take place at the end of August in Kleipeda, Lithuania.