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New academic year for MSc

This year BSB welcomes sixty students representing twenty plus different nationalities

MSc students

The MSc International Business Development, MSc International Management, and the MSc Wine Business and Wine Management began their year on 4th September. The degree programmes, which mostly recruit internationally, are experiencing wonderful progressions in terms of student diversity and profiles.

MSc Wine Business

This fourth group includes 24 students, compared to 21 last year, 17 in 2010 and 14 in 2009. The development of this international English degree offers essential post-experience training that leads to extremely interesting job opportunities. This year, four Americans and two South Africans are part of the class that brings together 14 different nationalities, among which, first time students from Moldavia and Byelorussia. There is also a higher number of French students, 3, this year

MSc Wine Management

The last of the Group's wine degrees welcomes 19 students in its first year. The MSc Wine Management differs from the MSc Wine Business in that it is a pre-experience programme made for junior profiles. The degree is coordinated by Pierre Joulie,

MSc International Business Development (IBD) and International Management (IM)

There are 16 students from 10 different nationalities. Some, from Egypt, Malaysia and Syria, are living abroad for the first time and have joined the MSc programmes. Classes in Finance, Marketing, International Management and International Relations are given together in the first semester. IBD students have very different profiles and are looking for international job opportunities. Accordingly, the IBD programme offers a Sales Strategy and Negotiation Major whereas the IM focuses more on Finance and Management. 

MSc IM and IBD presentation movie

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