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Bachelor "Being a professional sportsman whilst taking a high level management course"

Testimonial from Nicolas Ritz, 1st year bachelor student and international ice hockey player.

Nicolas Ritz

At 21 years old, Nicolas Ritz doesn't waste any time. Young French international, the Ducs de Dijon forward will almost certainly be representing the French Ice Hockey Team in the world championships taking place in May. Despite the constraints of a professional sportsman's life, Nicolas joined the ESC Dijon Marketing &Business Bachelor in September 2012.

"I have played hockey since I was 3 years old. Early on I knew that I wanted to be a pro. I took a huge step into the heart of the Dijon Club , renowned for its policy of education, as far as integrating the French Youth teams whilst I was in Lycée (Sixth Form College). I have now been playing for the seniors since 2009, this was the year where I obtained my A-Levels and the team has had good results. For example, we finished second in the Elite Championship and brought home the French Cup in 2012.

"The Bachelor programme interested me straight away, as beyond sport, I like meeting new people. Through my hockey career I already envisaged going abroad. I would also like to better understand how business works and I already have certain ideas in mind which I could develop in the future, notably when I retire from sports. In any case I did not see myself continuing just with hockey without studying. I need to fill my days up, so what better way to do it than having the chance to take a top level course in management!" "My daily routine is three hours of training, along with two weekly matches. The Bachelor has this other great advantage, in giving me a lot of freedom to divide my time between sport and studying. Since the start of the year, I have missed quite a few classes, in particular in the mornings, but I catch up thanks to E Learning as well as the help from my classmates and professors. On the whole I am doing pretty well."

"At the moment, my only worry has to do with my dream which is being accomplished: my selection for the French team! If I am to be selected for the world championships in May, I would be away for 2 months... we would then have to see what we could do about my exams."