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Bachelor: "The main asset of a course 100% in English"

Three questions for Héloïse Rabulliot, 1st year student, 18 years old on the Bachelor English track.

Héloïse Rabulliot

How did you decide upon the choice of integrating Burgundy School of Business' Bachelor of Marketing and Business?

Firstly, I took my Baccalauréat (A-Levels) in English at Lycée Charles de Gaulle in Dijon and I obtained a high distinction. Afterwards, since Lycée (Sixth Form College) I have been interested in the wider area of commerce, however with more of a focus on marketing and communication.

When I was thinking about higher education, the preparatory class for sure had an interesting side; this also made me feel a little scared in terms of the pressure. As well, I certainly didn't want to feel like I was putting my life on hold for two years; I do 6 hours of dance per week without taking into consideration the different galas in which I take part, with this in mind, the rhythm of the "prépa" certainly wouldn't have allowed me to continue. I of course thought about University, but on the contrary, I was worried that this would not be structured enough , that I wouldn't have enough contacts with my professors and that University would certainly be too varied in terms of the course.

But, above all, I wanted to work, which is what I have been doing in fact since I was 16, notably animation, Animation Capacity Diploma trainings, or baby sitting. I think that the quicker you start working the quicker you are into the swing of life. And I want to be financially independent. This is why I work every weekend in a shop.

So there they are, the first few reasons which made me try out for the Bachelor, which I had never really thought of from the outset, until an advisor talked to me about it and then I went to an orientation forum. There, we spoke with other students and the idea then pleased me straight away.

But it's certainly the perspective of being able to take the whole course in English thanks to the English track that has motivated me, as well as the possibility of doing a semester abroad. Furthermore, being able to do a double degree with Oxford Brookes Business School is a great opportunity which I hope to grasp.

Having spent a few months on this course, what have you gained most?

Already, speaking right now in terms of learning, I can confirm that it is a great pleasure to have all my classes in English and I appreciate the English language courses even more. I feel like I progress even more thanks to this English track, which we can take as long as we have the minimum level required, but most of all a good motivation. More generally, I love the marketing and distribution systems classes; law isn't quite as fun, but very useful. Strangely, I found an interest for accounting; this is something that I wasn't expecting.

The professors are good, nearly all native English speakers and for the most part work in the domain that they teach, this is what makes things the most clear.

Regarding the course rhythm, it's a bit variable with some 30 hour weeks, others of only 12 hours. This can be a little unsettling at the start for someone like me who likes regularity, but finally this allows for long periods to prepare the work that is given to us and also free time for leisure activities as well as a well-balanced life.

For that matter, it's another plus point of taking a course at the Heart of a 'Grande École', for example with the Clubs and Societies available. This allows you to meet lots of people, take part in sport, to discover new things, wine for example in my case and finally this helps to bring class mates closer together.

What are you hoping to do in the future after your degree?

Firstly, I am convinced that I will want to do a Master's, and I know that the Bachelor is the privileged way of getting there. After this, concerning the field of work, I know that I don't really want to work in the field of law, but more to do with marketing or communication, this is without having more concrete ideas about this at the moment.

What is for sure, is that I want to try my chances abroad and on the subject the English track with the Bachelor gives me some great assets towards pursuing this plan. Regarding the destination, I can't hide the fact that I dream of New Zealand.