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Crowdfunding is in fashion!

An alumnus is launching I Am La Mode, first international 'platform of crowdfunding dedicated to fashion.

I am la mode

Along with his associate Jérôme Laval, a graduate from Saint Etienne School of Mines, they have put into place the concept which allows fashion entrepreneurs and financial funders interested in supporting creative and innovative activities to meet each other and being aware of the fundraising problems encountered in launching productions.

Support to the designers, security for the investors

I Am La Mode also proposes to fashion fans and to investors a participative online financial system, for the benefit of young creative talent. The financers obtain discounts and shared benefits, whereas the entrepreneurs, along with collected funds, also benefit also from support throughout the whole length of the production process.
The designer is also "taken by the hand" from the start to optimise the project's chance of success on a global scale. After the raising of funds via crowdfunding (the platform then serves as a bank), the production is launched by both the designer and I Am La Mode, then the start up takes control of the distribution of the final product range. This also assures a guarantee for the investors as I Am La Mode is in control of the whole process up until the profits are given back.

"Making the new Karl Lagerfeld emerge"

At the end of the supply chain, in effect, products are sold through an online boutique (a system called crowdsupply). A virtuous circle which constitutes real spring board for the designers. Alexandre Diard doesn't hide his ambitions either: "At the end, the goal is to make the new Karl Lagerfeld emerge". Three international designers were put forward for I Am La Mode which took place in March, and the objective is to propose two or three new designers each month.
This is a promising and innovative start-up company that illustrates well the entrepreneurial qualities of graduates from Burgundy School of Business/ESC Dijon-Bourgogne.

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The outline of the I am La Mode concept