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Burgundy School of Business builds links in the Far East

 An important partnership agreement with Mahidol University in Thailand

Mahidol University International College

Burgundy School of Business has just signed its first  cooperation agreement in Thailand with Mahidol University International College (MUIC).  


The school already has well developed partnerships in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam and this signing confirms the strength of the school’s presence in the Far East. These countries, all members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, boast growth figures that are very attractive to European, and particularly French, businesses (average annual growth since 2000 of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is  6.5%).


Sending students to these new economic ‘tigers’ means exposing them to high potential business development areas and broadening their horizons for future careers. MUIC will be welcoming students from Burgundy School of Business onto their management programmes.


Created in 1986, MUIC was the first international degree program in a public university in Thailand. The institution boasts 75 worldwide partners and over 60% of their teaching body come from overseas. This international outlook is also welcomed by the Thai Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce.