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Burgundy School of Business launches its School of Wine & Spirits Business

 The first international institution fully dedicated to education and research in wine and spirits management

School of Wine & Spirits Business

The School of Wine & Spirits Business (the SWSB) has just been launched. This highly autonomous institution, housed by Burgundy School of Business (Groupe ESC Dijon-Bourgogne) and headed by Jérôme Gallo, is the first establishment in the world entirely dedicated to the management of wine and spirits.

With its roots in wine country, with acknowledged expertise and vast networks in the field, the school offers four academic programmes, a specialised research centre and 10 tenured lecturers. Its ambition is to become an international reference in academic terms as well as the go-to institute for professionals from the wine and spirits industries.

113 years of experience in the management of wine and spirits

Founded in 1900 and funded by Burgundy's wine businesses, the ESC Dijon has been an expert in the management of wine and spirits from the start. For 25 years the school has developed both French-taught and English-taught academic programmes (Mastères Spécialisés - MS - and MSc) and welcomes more than 100 students a year from the four corners of the globe.

Today the full-time and part-time versions of the MS Commerce International des Vins & Spiritueux (CIVS), founded respectively in 1991 and 2004, are leaders in the francophone market while the English-taught MSc in Wine Business (2009) and MSc in Wine Management (2012) programmes attract students from about 15 different countries every year. The SWSB already has a network of more than 600 alumni.

Moreover, 10 tenured lecturers dedicate themselves not only to teaching but also to developing intellectual output on the management of wine and spirits. Steve Charters, who was until recently the chair in champagne management at Reims Management School, will lead the research centre to that end.

A strategic choice

Obtaining international leadership in the management of wine and spirits is one of the strategic goals of Burgundy School of Business, and will allow it to consolidate a long, widely recognised history of expertise in wine management and the global renown of its region, Burgundy, as a producer of top quality wines.

In a global economy that has been affected by the economic crisis since 2008, the wine and spirits markets are almost alone in showing remarkable growth: the global wine market should increase by 5% in volume between 2012 and 2016 and the global spirits market by nearly 14%.

The Wine Management Institute created in 2009 has allowed Burgundy School of Business to secure its status in the domestic market. The SWSB, headed by Jérôme Gallo, will allow the school to find its place in the global market.

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