MSC in Wine Business

Objectives and career opportunities


The MSc in Wine Business has been designed with the needs of the wine sector in mind. All course materials are structured to provide tomorrow's wine sector professional with the skills and competency to take advantage of a market recovering from the global financial crisis. Professionals will require an understanding of the impact of global economic cycles on the demand for wine, and where market demand for wine will present opportunities within the wine sector.

One of the reasons for the success of the new-world wine sector in the 1990s was the capacity to produce and maintain supply of a dependable and consistent product in growing markets. The wine sector's capacity to develop and exploit advances in logistics technologies has favoured supermarkets in their desire to provide consumers with wine for every possible taste.

Accordingly, the MSc Wine Business programme aims to cater to the training needs of the next generation of managers in all aspects of winery, distribution and retail management. These aims include but are not limited to the graduate's capacity to:

  • Take control of and successfully operate a wine estate
  • Manage a winery cooperative
  • Work within, manage or operate a business as a
    • Sales agent
    • Importer, and/or
    • Distributor
  • Head a wine retail business

Finally, the development of this programme takes into account that the traditional wine-producing countries require specific attention to the unique needs and issues of their wine sectors. As such, graduates of this programme will become aware of specific considerations in developing and implementing a business strategy for operating effectively within such markets.

Career opportunities

The MSc in Wine Business Programme will deliver dramatic new career opportunities for those seeking managerial positions in the wine sector.

Based on feedback from an international network of wine academics and business professionals, our programme is uncompromising in its commercial orientation, with emphasis on marketing, distribution and financial skills.

The MSc will arm graduates with the experience required to succeed as wine entrepreneurs in an increasingly competitive global market.

To that end, Burgundy School of Business has helped shape the wine sector's business culture for more than twenty years. We now bring that knowledge and experience to bear on this exciting new programme. The MSc in Wine Business will complement the highly respected Mastère Spécialisé en Commerce International des Vins et Spiritueux (Master's in Wine and Spirituous Beverages). Together, the programmes will continue to shape wine business practices in Europe and abroad.
Principal positions of interest

  • Marketing manager: small, medium or large winery
  • Distribution manager : Winery, wholesale or retail
  • Regional or group collective representative
  • Wine, or regional, tourism manager

For questions or further information please contact the head of the programme, Dr Damien Wilson: