Do I need to speak French to join one of the MSc programmes?

Our MSc programmes are taught entirely in English; speaking French is not a prerequisite. However, if you want to do your work placement in France or in a French company, you will have to be able to speak French.

What about French classes?
Learning another language is an invaluable asset. We offer free French classes - from beginner to advanced levels, three times a week - to international students enrolled in our MSc programmes.

English is not my first language but I lived and studied in a country where English is the official language. Do I need to take an English test?
Probably not, but the final decision will be made by the Admissions Committee after your individual interview with the head of the programme.

My degree will only be ready in June. Can I apply before?
Yes, you can. However, final admission to the programme will only be given after we have proof that you have obtained your degree. Until then your admission will be conditional.

Are students allowed to work during their studies in France?
Employment law allows international students to work 20 hours a week. Bear in mind that it is very difficult to find a job in France if you do not speak French at least reasonably fluently. Please remember that any paid job you find should not interfere with your studies.

Does the French government give foreign students financial aid for accommodation?
Yes, it does. For more information, please visit the relevant section of our website

You ask applicants to send certified translations of their academic records and degrees. Is it really necessary?
Yes, it is. We want to maintain high standards and so have to be certain that all applicants have the right qualifications. We accept certified copies of your marks / grades and your degrees in French or English.

I am not sure whether I should apply for the MSc in Wine Business or the MSc in Wine Management. Is it possible to apply for both?
Yes, it is.

The MSc in Wine Business requires applicants to have a substantial background in business and the MSc in Wine Management accepts recent graduates with no or little experience. If you are not sure whether your profile is right for a particular wine-related programme, you can apply and interview for both without paying an additional application fee. The heads of the programmes will tell you which course suits you best.

How long will I have to wait to know if I have been admitted?
Once you have sent us your completed application form with all the required documents and paid your application fee, you will receive an interview date (and in the case of the MSc in Wine Business, an essay topic) within 10 days to two weeks, and learn of the Admissions Committee's decision within approximately three weeks.

Are there specific topics I should prepare for my interview?
The selection interview is similar to a job interview: interviewers are interested in your personality and your reasons and motivations for joining the MSc you have chosen.
Could you give me the contact details of graduates from the programmes?
Yes, we can. Please write to us for information.

What will my programme's workload be?
Each programme offers at least 450 contact hours, i.e. about 20 contact hours per working week. This does not include time spent on assignments and research.

How many intakes are there a year?
There is only one intake a year, in September.

What career services are available to me?
We will accompany you in your search for work placement by offering you:

  • access to a large database of work-placement and job offers
  • one-on-one coaching in English with an external consultant to help you improve your CV / resume, cover letter and job interview
  • a workshop on your professional project
  • career and job fairs
  • on-campus interview sessions