Master in Management : Editorial

Stephan Bourcieu Stephan BOURCIEU






Welcome to the School of Entrepreneurial Management. Through this concept, we wish to inculcate in our students an attitude, a behaviour pattern, a true philosophy of action.

This concept means knowing how to be an entrepreneur in any company, whether small or large, public or private, local or global. It is about believing, being committed and adhering to the strong values that guide students throughout their studies at the School.

Be responsible for your choices...

... for yourself,. thanks to pedagogy that encourages students to be self-motivating and to commit themselves wholeheartedly to the construction of their academic and professional careers

… for others, through citizenship. Every student must devote time to social activities and be aware of the role he or she must play in society at large.

Be open to others...

... learn about other cultures and enrich yourself thanks to the differences. Thanks to courses taught in English, German and Spanish and the opportunities to obtain a double diploma, every student learns to manage diversity.

Be creative...

... to differentiate yourself from others and create value in companies. Activities in personal development and coaching enable our students to reveal their creativity and make a difference.

You will discover how the Burgundy School of Business helps to make students into managers and entrepreneurs through the excellence of its professor/researchers, the ties with businesses and the diversity of its programmes.