Key facts about Grande Ecole Programme

Much more than a Programme in Management, the Grande Ecole Programme is:

A Master's degree in Management

  • Delivered by the French Ministry of Education and recognised by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles 
  •  Recognised in France and in the international employment market
  • Ranked in the Financial  Times for 3 years


A programme combining theory and practice

  • 80% of professors are researchers
  • Commitment of the faculty to advancing management research
  • Outstanding faculty with academic and professional backgrounds : classes run by consultants and experts working in our partner companies
  • Consultancy projects for our partner companies
  • Case studies based on current issues
  • Work placements : and gap year in France or abroad, to apply theories to concrete management situations, and start developing your professional network


Graduates from the Master in Management / Grande Ecole Programme remain highly sought-after by recruiters.



A programme adapted to your personal and professional expectations

  • A wide range of optional modules in the 1st year of Master   to help you start specialising
  • 15 fields of specialization in the last year of study
  • An added bonus: The opportunity to follow a full Master or MSc programme at Master 2 level to award two degrees: the Master’s in Management (Master Grande Ecole) as well as either the Master’s or the MSc.
    Taught in French : Master’s Degree in Management of Cultural Organisations and Creative Industry. 
    Taught in English : MSc Wine Management, MSc International Business Development, 
    MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking, MSc Global Marketing and Negotiation.
  • Several work placements in order to confirm your choices

Main fields of specialisation

  • Marketing
  • Finance / audit
  • Management of Cultural Organisations
  • International Business
  • Global Marketing
  • International Finance
  • Wine Management

An international experience

  • 36% international professors
  • 25% International students
  • 160 academic partners in 48 countries
  • Integrated foreign language teaching
  • Extensive international networks and study abroad opportunities
  • Programme taught in English and French


A School which supports you