What our students say

Ali Can Akdeniz, Turkish student Burgundy School of Business offered us high quality. It provided us a good infrastructure (Computer system, free internet connection, printing machines, student ID cards and a rich library). International office officers were very warm. They were also systematic and solution oriented. Instructors were empathic. The school has a very good location. Dijon is very near to Paris, Lyon, Besançon, Grenoble and the French speaking part of Switzerland. The business school had one-week holidays two times so we had time to travel and to relax. Diversity was very rich, I had friends from countries as diverse as Argentina, Senegal, Canada, Hungary, Morocco, Brazil, Russia, India and China. Thank you BSBU.

Ali Can Akdeniz, Turkish student 
Exchange student from Sabanci University, Master in Management Programme, Frech track (2009 - 2010)


Mayank TANDON, Indian student"Burgundy School of Business provides ample opportunity for the all round development of students, with the help of top faculty, infrastructure and student associations which are always there to help international students.
Dijon is a very calm city full of traditions which gives us lots of information about the French culture in general, and with its proximity to Paris, one gets to enjoy both living near the country in Burgundy as well as the city life of Paris."

 Mayank TANDON, Indian student, Master in Management Programme, English track (2008 - 2009)


Coumba DIOP, Senegalese student"Four aspects of Burgundy School of Business really struk me when I arrived:

  • The availability and helpfulness of professors and my fellow students
  • The warm welcome we were given
  • The overall organisation of the School (timetables e-learning, the library)
  • The School's atmosphere (mixing work and pleasure)


Coumba DIOP, Senegalese student, Master in Management Programme, French (2008 - 2009)
Nuria SALINAS, Spanish student"Bajo mi experiencia y punto de vista, Dijon es una ciudad pequeña poseedora de una bonita arquitectura. Sus habitantes son amables y están dispuestos a ayudarte y acogerte aun sin haberte conocido con anterioridad. La ESC Dijon es un buen lugar para el desarrollo profesional y personal, ya que a parte de las materias cursadas tu puedes relacionarte con personas de casi todas las nacionalidades, pudiendo así obtener un enriquecimiento cultural. Su personal es atento, y en lo que a mi concierne tengo mucho que agradecerles.
En la escuela hay asociaciones representativas de los alumnos, las cuales organizan fiestas, viajes, etc. para hacer la vida de sus estudiantes mas entretenida."
Nuria SALINAS, Spanish student, Master in Management Programme, Spanish track (2008-2009)


CHOI Eunkyung, Korean student"After graduating in economics at EWHA Women's University, I decided to study in France in the field of marketing and communication. I had always been interested by studying there.

I was looking for an institution which would surround me during my studies, which would take care of its students and be interested in their improvements and achievements. I found at Burgundy School of Business what I was lacking during my previous studies: connection between administration – professors and staff – and the students.
I really like the city of Dijon. It's a beautiful and comfortable city, where there is always something going on. As a matter of fact, the last time I visited Paris, I could just think about coming back to Dijon. I am really happy here."
CHOI Eunkyung, Korean student, Master in Management Programme, English track (2009 - 2011)
Codrin DUMITRU, Romanian student"When I arrived at Burgundy School of Business, I immediately appreciated the very international atmosphere on the campus. Before coming, I was afraid I would have difficulties being integrated. On the contrary, I met curious and open-minded individuals. As a matter of fact, I made many new friends, French as well as international students.
The way of teaching at Burgundy School of Business is different from what I experienced in Romania. Here, students work in small groups and are better supervised. Moreover, many classes were run by experts and consultants from the corporate world, or by professors with a strong professional background. This is a real added-value for students, as these persons have much to share with us.
Studying at Burgundy School of Business has been a very positive experience."
Codrin DUMITRU, Romanian student, Master in Management Programme, French track (2007 - 2010)


FANG Yan, Chinese student"For me, studying in France was the best option, mainly because of the affordable price of life and of studies compared to the UK or the USA. I wanted to study in a French Management School offering programmes in English, which would give me the opportunity to be immersed in a real international environment and to live in a pleasant city. Burgundy School of Business corresponded exactly to my expectations: the Master in Management is taught in English, many different nationalities are represented on the campus, and Dijon is a really nice city, very close to Paris. Furthermore, Burgundy School of Business is a modern school, with all the facilities, an easy access to Internet, and above all, very close to the city centre, which is really convenient.
Three positive aspects of my studies I would like to point out:
-       The integration into the School: classes are really multicultural, composed of French and international students. As a result, I felt well integrated, and I quickly made new friends.
-       The real international environment: we were often given group works during classes, and I had the opportunity to work with students from different nationalities. I learnt how to adapt to different cultures, and to behave as a professional independently of cultural differences.
-       The opportunity to put into practice my knowledge through professional experience: I was in charge of promoting the hotel to Chinese customers, and the academic background I acquired during the first year of study at Burgundy School of Business really helped in this professional experience." 
FANG Yan, Chinese student, Master in Management Programme, English track (2008- 2010)


Marc FRIEDMAN MORATA, Spanish student"I am really satisfied with Burgundy School of Business. I study in English, which is convenient for me as I don't speak French very well. However, I attend the classes of French as Foreign Language as it's really helpful to have a little knowledge of the language.
The double degree at Burgundy School of Business is a real added value as you meet students with many different nationalities, you experience a new way of learning, and you acquire a global understanding of economics issues as teachers come from different parts of the world.  
Dijon is a European city. For sure, it's smaller than Paris. However, in Paris, I would not have experienced the same things. For sure, I am pretty busy working, but I have a great time in general."

Marc FRIEDMAN MORATA, Spanish student,

Double degree student from Universidad de Granada, Master in Management Programme, English track (2009 - 2010)
Patrick HARTL, German student"I first came as an exchange student. I enjoyed this experience and decided to extend my academic stay for one semester. I then enrolled as a Double degree student, as I was aware of the added value of an Master's degree delivered by a French Business School (Grande Ecole): German companies are aware of the French higher education system, and know well that Grande Ecoles leads the way to the French business elite.
I like the organisation of classes here: small-size classes enable a good contact with the professors. They are really available and helpful to students. Furthermore, most of them have professional background, providing them with a good expertise in their field."
Patrick HARTL, German student
Double degree student from Siegen University, Master in Management Programme, English track (2009 - 2010)
Tina ZIMIECKI, German student"I decided to realise a double degree at Burgundy School of Business for two reasons: firstly, because it is one of the oldest partners of Pforzheim University. Secondly, because classes are taught in English, and my French level would not allow me to attend French taught classes.
I am enrolled on a very specialised Master's programme in my home institution, with a strong focus on finance. I wanted to open to new dimensions of business, and that's exactly what offers the Master in Management Programme. Furthermore, classes at Burgundy School of Business are really different from what I experienced previously: in Germany, classes are much more academic, while at BSB, it is much more a practical way to teach: we discussed a lot of current and recent topics, and studied many up-to-date business cases. It is a good addition to the knowledge I already had.
A Double Degree is an added value on the academic level, but on the personal level as well. On the one hand, living close to the French border, I know it will be a great asset when applying for a job or a work placement. On the other hand, I met so many people from so many different nationalities and I lived in a residence with Chinese, African and European students, which was a real interesting cultural mix: we had the opportunity during 4 months to discover each other's culture and habits. That was a real enriching experience.
To conclude, I would add that the International Relations Office was really helpful and took great care of me. There is always somebody available to help or answer a question. They organised everything for us, and helped us a lot with accommodation."
Tina ZIMIECKI, German student
Double degree student from Pforzheim University, Master in Management Programme, English track (2009 - 2010)

Ayush Goyal, Indian studentThe time here at Burgundy School of Business for one semester, has been a memorable experience. This chapter of my life will be really special, as I got the opportunity to work with many international students and French students in a popular business school.  You learn everytime as you interact and do the classes. This is also special as this is the first time I have come outside India.  As a part of my MBA from my home institution, IMT Ghaziabad, I am really thankful to my parents and professors who have given me this opportunity; it was like a dream come true.

Here, I got to learn from eminent professors in subjects of my interest, being a student of International business. The learning here becomes more important, when professors share their own experiences from their professional life. You get a different perspective and realize the things from a different angle. I know that I will be a different person when I will go back to India.

Another take away from Dijon would be my new network of friends, with whom I have many good memories. The night parties, the trip to Paris, the fun at the corridor during the break, the question session in the class with the professor, they are all amazing. French students are very helpful. They make you really comfortable at the school, and allow oneself to get mixed very easily.

France is a developed country and safe place for anyone to come here, so you will not find it difficult to start in a new country. Full points to the administration staff of international relations and ‘Melting Potes’ association, who have been really helpful in making our stay comfortable and easy.

In the end, I would recommend that you should come and study in ESC Dijon.


Ayush Goyal, Indian student
Exchange student from IMT Ghaziabad, Master in Management Programme, English track (2009 - 2010)


Hristina Totina, Bulgarian student The atmosphere at the School is really friendly and welcoming; the personnel are always willing to help you sort out any academic or other problems you might have. The programme I followed, Master in Management Programme, was very interesting. What I liked in particular about the programme was the practical approach, the small class sizes, and the opportunity to interact and work with fellow students from all around the globe. Last but not least, the countless student societies and associations at the school make it easy for students to have a really good social life.



Hristina Totina, Bulgarian student 
Exchange student from the University of Hertfordshire, Master in Management Programme, Frech track (2009 - 2010)

Parul Sharma, Suchismita Sahoo, Sugangh Bhatia and Anirudh Kishore, Indian studentsBurgundy School of Business over the past three months has become a home away from home for us. Our integration into the mainstream was fast and seamless, thanks to the endless efforts of the administrative staff and student bodies. Fun and excellence go hand in hand here, we recall with fondness both the hours spent learning in class and the hours spent partying with our classmates. We have learnt much from our French peers, their meticulousness and diligence are commendable. Professors with their novel industry oriented teaching plans, made the classes seem more like boardrooms where we discussed and developed strategies. The insightful French Culture and Society classes and the informative trip into the wine country were our windows into this beautiful country. We worked hard, but the fun we had more than made up for it. Cheers to BSBU…!

Parul Sharma, Suchismita Sahoo, Sugangh Bhatia and Anirudh Kishore, Indian students
Exchange student from IMT Ghaziabad, Master in Management Programme, English track (2009 - 2010)



"Teachers at Burgundy School of Business really help me to connect what we learn to what happens in the business world. They explain clearly, are always patient and ready to help students. The many discussions in class, between the teachers and students or amongst students, are really helpful to understanding the course. Our school mates are very friendly and very kind. There are also many kinds of associations that organise a lot of activities to enrich our student life. And I can't forget the administrative staff who help solve all our academic and practical problems from studying to where to live.

XU Feifei, Chinese student, Master in Management Programme, French track (2008 - 2010)

Témoignage d'un étudiant en double diplôme à Umea University en Suède

Fabien PITTET, French Student, Master In Management Programme (2011-2012), Double Degree in Umea University, Sweden