The Incubator

I joined the Incubator at Burgundy School of Business to make a success of the takeover of the family business in the Lyon area. The advice and the opinions of the professors in very specific fields such as finance, accounting or company law, were of great help.

I knew that I was being supported by the whole team, but also by experts from outside the school. This brought the necessary assurance to make decisions in such projects.

Apart from the technical support, the School’s Incub brought moral support which was very much appreciated during the difficult moments. This is one of the major strengths of the Incub.

Thanks to the Incub, I was able to prepare my professional thesis, succeed in my takeover project and work in the family company in association with my brother.

Thank you Incub!
Julien Rousseau, 4th year
Miroiterie PAULHAC

Over the last few years Burgundy School of Business has made entrepreneurial management a core theme of its teaching and research activities.

The creation and development of an incubator for company creation and takeover projects is a natural part of this mission. The school is home to Incub® which fosters the company creation projects and takeover projects of our students and our alumni.

Incub® is also an environment:

  • for students to learn about management through the creation of pedagogical projects and by shadowing professionals, in the course of their studies, who create/takeover companies
  • for experimentation and research for professors who provide support by making their management skills available to project creators
  • to build links between the academic world and the business world, for professors as well as for students.

Incub® is an original structure that has joined forces with other well-known actors that provide support for company creation: the Reseau Entreprendre Bourgogne, Bourgogne Angels and Dijon CCI, all of which help creators by bringing their skills and networks.

All of these strengths come together to make company creation a core element of management training and bring real added value to the region.



The purpose of this structure is to welcome students of Burgundy School of Business who wish to bring to fruition their company creation or takeover projects during or just after their studies at the school. The incubator also welcomes those who have been helped by the Reseau Entreprendre Bourgogne .
In concrete terms it means:
  • providing fully-equipped office space;
  • providing multi-media and IT resources;
  • providing support with methodology and follow-up in different business sectors. This support is provided by professors of Burgundy School of Business, permanent staff, members of the association Reseau Entreprendre Bourgogne, and outside experts;
  • setting up cycles of conferences and specific training workshops;
  • implementing specific themes around Wine, Culture and Health.
The incubator is for any student or graduate from the Burgundy School of Business.


During their studies at the school, our students, whatever the programme they are following, have the opportunity to take part in several modules teaching entrepreneurship.
They are encouraged to think about opportunities and to conduct feasibility studies on entrepreneurial projects. At any time during their studies at the school, should they so wish, they can join the Incub'ESC Dijon in order to bring their projects to fruition.
Our professors are available to discuss their expectations and needs and will guide them towards the ‘Incub' so that they can launch their projects without waiting till the end of their studies.


Every student with a project who joins the Incub' will benefit from individual support. A professor from the school will become a personal mentor throughout the incubation of the project.
Those with projects that have been directed towards the ‘Incub' by their professors can take part in conferences, training courses and meetings on various themes organized by the ‘Incub’ team.
Encounters between entrepreneurs are organised regularly so that students can exchange ideas and experiences among themselves and with entrepreneurs from outside the school, such as those helped by the Reseau Entreprendre Bourgogne.


To ensure that projects are sufficiently mature, entrepreneurs are oriented towards the Côte d'Or Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the department that deals with company registration formalities. They are thus able to register their companies quite easily. Information meetings are regularly held for our budding entrepreneurs.


During their time in the ‘Incub', students have at their entire disposal offices, computers and telephones in order to optimise organisation. They also have unlimited access to all of the resources of our mediatheque (databases, reference documents, etc.). Our library staff will do all they can to meet their needs and help in the search for information relative to their projects.


Our investment partners, such as the Bourgogne Angels, who have an office on the campus, are always ready to listen to future entrepreneurs with projects, and to help them to finalise the financial plan. Students’ projects are also presented to all of the organisations able to finance the creation/takeover of a company. We also accompany our students in their preparations for different company creation competitions.  


Customised courses for entrepreneurs are organised throughout the year:
  • Drawing up a Business Plan
  • Financial Analysis and budget management
  • Presentation and communication techniques
  • Stress management
  • Reconciliation of personal and professional lives
We also organise thematic conferences led by experts working with our partner ‘Reseau Entreprendre en Bourgogne’.